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Educational Planning

529 savings plans are powerful vehicles to save for college. Find out more about them.

Learn about the basics of financial aid and all of your options to pay for a college education.

Financial Aid

Federal Education Loan Rates Are on the Rise. Could It Affect You?

If you currently take advantage of federal loan programs to borrow money for college-or intend to do so in the future-take notice. Rates on popular loan programs have been moving up in line with three-month Treasury bills, lifting the repayment rate on Stafford loans for student borrowers to 5.3%... more

Saving for College

Interpreting 529 Plan Expenses

529 plans have many benefits, ranging from the fact that the owner, not the beneficiary controls the assets to the fact that earnings grow tax free from federal taxes and withdrawals for qualified education expenses are free from federal taxes through 2010. However, one reason many investors... more

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